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What I Offer


Influencing digital information ecosystems

I work with progressive organisations to navigate digital information ecosystems and grow their influence.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve advised high-profile politicians, CEOs and public thinkers across the world. Witnessing first-hand the growing global influence of social media I began my podcast, Government vs The Robots to explore how technology will affect politics and communications. 

Since then I've learned from dozens of experts and thought hard about how to prepare for our digital future. Blending this insight with my professional expertise in strategy and communications I’ve built a unique understanding of how organisations can use data, digital tools and the right tactics to position themselves for success.  

My track record of impact and innovation has helped me grow a strong global network; securing clients in digital policy, international development, philanthropy and politics. I articulate ideas and issues in concise, compelling ways and bring an optimistic, motivational perspective to my work.

What I Offer

Diagnosis & Insight

Frame problems, spot solutions 


Digital Ecosystem Assessments  

Map complex online networks and narratives that shape your digital information ecosystems. 


Conversational Intelligence 

Monitor digital discourse across multiple geographies, platforms and  communities.


Counter Mis/Disinformation 

Identify the origins of mis/disinformation that impacts your work and take steps to mitigate it.  


Select priorities, take opportunities 


Strategy Development 

Clarify your focus and identify the best route to realise your objectives. 


Future Proofing 

Build the skills and knowledge of staff relating to digital information ecosystems.  


Take action, be heard 


Deliver all aspects of communications from media relations and brand development to events and crisis management. 


Podcasts & Digital Content 

Produce broadcast quality podcasts and other digital content. 


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